Tingstäde Fortress

Swedish: Tingstäde fästning

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Tingstäde Fortress: was built between 1904 and 1914, and consists of one artillery redoubt and four infantry redoubts.

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The defensive area of the fortress comprised an area of approximately six kilometers perimeter. The fortress consisted of five forts, two simpler fortifications, five artillery fire control post or observation post, three bombshelter, a casemate and a military telephone station. There was also a large number of prepared places for the artillery. Barbed wire was pulled between the redoubts. The fortress would have had a force of 5000 soldiers in wartime.

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Opening hours

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Admission fees

  • Adults: 50 SEK
  • Children under 15 years: free

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Minimum 10 visitors.

Address & Geo coordinates

  • Visit to Tingstäde Fortress
  • SE-624 44
  • Tingstäde
  • Gotland County
  • Sweden

Latitude: 57.7382184

Longitude: 18.6201149