Skokloster Castle

Swedish: Skoklosters slott

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Skokloster Castle: is considered one of Europe's finest baroque castle, and is the largest private castle, that has ever been built in Sweden, also the castle is a monument to the Swedish Age of Greatness.

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Despite a construction period of over thirty years, the castle was not fully completed, but the construction ceased when the builder, the Count, Carl Gustaf Wrangel, died in 1676. The finished parts of the castle display the full, sumptuous splendour of the Baroque. In its chambers are has to collections of paintings, furniture, textiles and silver and glass tableware. At the castle, more than 50,000 objects are stored, including a comprehensive weapon collection - one of Europe's most famous, and the portrait gallery with 600 portraits.

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Opening hours: -

Saturday and Sunday: -.

Admission fees

Free admission to the ground floor, temporary exhibitions and the Wrangel and Brahe apartments on the 1st floor.

Group Guided Tours in English

Maximum 25 visitors to one group.

-: Daily: .

-: Saturday and Sunday: .

During regular opening hours: 2000 SEK - up to 15 visitors and 2500 SEK - up to 25 visitors.

Evenings, weekends, holidays: 3000 SEK - up to 15 visitors and 3500 SEK - up to 25 visitors.

Address & Geo coordinates

  • Visit to Skokloster Castle
  • SE-746 96
  • Skokloster
  • Uppsala County
  • Sweden

Latitude: 59.703177

Longitude: 17.621156