Redoubt Lion

Swedish: Skansen Westgötha Leijon

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Redoubt Lion: it is defense redoubt that were built in in 1687 by Erik Dahlbergh as the part of the defenses against possible Danish attack on Gothenburg from the south.

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The first certainly known fortress is mentioned in 1303, when the King Birger Magnusson in battle against his brothers, Dukes Erik Magnusson and Valdemar Magnusson, Duke of Finland, had built a stronghold on the mountain, Gullbergs House. Several times during the Kalmar Union period were built fortifications in Gullberg, last time was in 1522 during Swedish War of Liberation. The work with the redoupt began in May 1687. The Redoubt was a mastodon building with more than 7 meters thick walls.

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All: free entrance.

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Address & Geo coordinates

  • Visit to Redoubt Lion
  • Gullbergsvass
  • SE-411 04
  • Gothenburg
  • Sweden

Latitude: 57.7142519

Longitude: 11.9894072