Landsort Artillery Battery

Swedish: ERSTA-batteriet på Landsort

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Landsort coastal artillery battery: this is one of five similar Heavy Artillery Batteries, which should have been protect Stockholm from a Soviet attack during the Cold War.

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The artillery batteries were a secret of Swedish Coastal Defense for many years. This artillery batteries was built one of the world's most advanced artillery systems to meet in terms of accuracy, protection and endurance. The heart of the system is a giant 150 ton Bofors 12 cm automatic cannon turret had in a 18 meters deep shaft and protected by a 16 tons heavy armor dome. The cannon was able to shoot off 22 kilograms of heavy projectiles, one every two seconds and against targets as far as 30 kilometers. In peace time, the cannon was placed in a special cradle covered with a stone-like camouflage cover, not to be seen from the air. The great ammunition of up to 1000 grenades as well as a four-story steel structure embed in the mountain with all the required spaces for a crew of 25 soldiers who would live and wage for a month, completely out of service. The technical equipment is exclusively of Swedish origin and has a 1970s standard, but technology was world-leading and exported.

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Min: 4 visitors, max: 10 visitors to one tour and takes about . Other times by separate inquiry: Pre-order is always compulsory.

Not available for children under 10 years.

Admission fees

Adults: 100 SEK.

Address & Geo coordinates

Latitude: 58.7646508

Longitude: 17.864145


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