Tower The Core

Swedish: Kärnan

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Tower The Core: was built in the 1310s, when Eric VI Menved was the King of Denmark and is the only part remaining of a larger former Danish Helsingborg fortress which, along with the fortress Kronborg controlled the entranceway between the straits Kattegat and Sound.

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The center of the new fortress became the powerful central tower, which in the upper floors was set up for royal residence with royal chapel. The entrance to the royal floor was made by a drawbridge, which from the third floor led to the powerful wall surrounding the entire tower. The tower was surrounded by a round brick wall of about 500 meters perimeter with 14 half-round defensive towers. Just outside the ring wall was a moat that was 15 meters of deep. Was the south tower with gate and with drawbridge. Helsingborg fortress became one of Denmark's most important strongholds, if not the most important, and a valuable salver in the power struggle in Northern Europe.

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  • Adults: 50 SEK
  • Childrens under 18 years: free

Address & Geo coordinates

Latitude: 56.048305

Longitude: 12.697498


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