Hemsö Fortress

Swedish: Hemsö fästning

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Hemsö Fortress: was one largest defense facilities of Swedish coastal artillery along the northern coast during of the Cold War and was top secret during this time of bounds for foreigners.

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Among other things were two mountain installations - the light artillery battery on Havstoudd and the heavy artillery battery on Storråberget. The heavy artillery battery was built 1953-1957 and consists of a dual artillery turret with 15.2 cm cannons. The protection included three anti-aircraft batteries also a bunkers and mortar positions. The fortress holds a staff of 320 militaries and was then built to handle a nuclear attack and could be self-sufficient for 90 days. There are facilities and spaces for this, such as kitchens, dining rooms, storage rooms, accommodation, water and air cleanup, diesel engineering, medical facilities and rooms for staffing and command post of artillery.

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Admission fees

  • Adults: 110 SEK
  • Children 9-15 years: 60 SEK
  • Children under 8 years: free


Geo coordinates

  • Latitude: 62.69431
  • Longitude: 18.087487


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