Gunnebo House

Swedish: Gunnebo slott

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Gunnebo House: one of the most complete 18th century estates in Scandinavia and has one of Sweden's finest and best preserved baroque gardens.

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Gunnebo's history can be followed back to 1397, when the name for the first time appears on a farmhouse. The House was built in the late 1700s in Neoclassical architecture style and is built of wood: pine and fir from northern and central Sweden. The main building has 25 rooms, with 11 rooms in the parade floor and 11 rooms are upstairs.

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Admission fees

  • Adults: 100 SEK
  • Children under 15 years: free


Geo coordinates

  • Latitude: 57.6579801
  • Longitude: 12.0583532


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