Gripsholm Castle

Swedish: Gripsholms slott

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - the royal residence Gripsholm Castle: was built in 1537 and here is located the National Portrait Gallery, one of the oldest portrait collections in the world with over 5,000 portraits from the 16th century to the present.

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Gripsholm earliest history dates back to some farms, which Seneschal Bo Jonsson (Grip) acquired the years 1377-1380. There he built a fortress, which strategic and political proximity to Stockholm. After the death of Bo Jonsson, the property 1404 was sold to Queen Margaret I of Denmark, and remained in Crown ownership until 1472. Sten Sture the Elder was owner to Gripsholm Castle 1472.

Gustav Vasa was order rebuild a castle in 1537. The castle as stronghold was intended to be a defense of both foreign and domestic threats. The castle's core, with its four towers and a closed courtyard, was almost completed in 1545. The castle as a stronghold was used for this purpose during the Dacke War. In 1573 the King John III imprisoned his brother Erik XIV and his family at Gripsholm Castle. In the courtyard is cannons Boar and Sow, who were cast at the end of the 16th century, and were taken as a booty of war from Russia. They have also been called Wolves.

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Admission fees

  • Adults: 130 SEK
  • Students with International Student Identity Card: 65 SEK
  • Children under 6 years: free

Guided tours in English

A guided tour of the castle is given during regular opening hours, and included in the entrance fee and cannot be booked in advance. The guided tour takes approximately .

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Group Guided Tours

For group tours Pre-Order are needed and available in English, takes approximately for groups of maximum 35 visitors.

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 -  - MondayFriday - -: 1500 SEK, plus Admission fees per each visitor.

Address & Geo coordinates

Latitude: 59.255960

Longitude: 17.219151


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