Eketorp Fort

Swedish: Eketorps borg

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Eketorp Fort: was built by the ancient population of Iron Age around 400 AD. as ring stronghold - during a period when they had close ties to the Roman Empire.

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One theory is that a ring strongholds at the time was a gathering place were performed for religious ceremonies. The first stronghold measured about 57 meters in circumference. In the 5th century, the circle was expanded to approximately 80 meters in diameter. In this time has to be about fifty houses, or smaller structures within the fort. In the late 600s the stronghold was abandoned and the reason is not known.

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Opening hours:  - 

Daily: -.

Opening hours:  - 

Daily: -.

Admission fees:  - 

  • Adults: 80 SEK
  • Childrens 6-18 years: 50 SEK
  • Childrens under 6 years: free

Address & Geo coordinates

Latitude: 56.292902

Longitude: 16.484052


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