Bohus Fortress

Swedish: Bohus fästning

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Bohus Fortress: began to be built 1308 under King Haakon V Magnuson to strengthen the defense of Norwegian–Swedish border. The fortress during its 700-year history belonget to Norway, Denmark-Norway and Sweden. Bohus fortress was attacked or besieged at least fourteen times, but was never captured.

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Bohus came to play a significant role in the relations between the two neighbour countries:

✧ In 1331 became the 15-year-old Norwegian-Swedish King Magnus IV of Sweden declared of legal age at Bohus Fortress, and Bohus became one of his main residence in the next few years due to the favorable situation between the two countries.

✧ In 1335, a royal wedding took place at Bohus between Magnus and Queen Blanche of Namur, and a knightly court environment with strong European cultural contacts developed for a few decades in Bohus.

✧ In 1344 Haakon VI of Norway was hailed as king at Bohus.

✧ In 1389, King Albert was sent to Bohus on prison by order of Queen Margaret I of Denmark after the battle of Falan.

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Saturday and Sunday: -.

Admission fees

  • Adults: 100 SEK
  • Students with International Student Identity Card: 60 SEK
  • Children 4-18 years: 60 SEK
  • Children under 4 years: free
  • Family (2 adults and 2-5 children): 290 SEK

Address & Geo coordinates

Latitude: 57.861619

Longitude: 11.999586


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