Boden Fortress

Swedisch: Bodens fästning

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Boden Fortress - Rödbergsfort (Red Mountain Fort): has served as a strategic defense and consists of five forts in the rock and three smaller forts as well as individual artillery batteries.

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The main purpose was to deter Russia and the Soviet Union's invasion in Sweden from Finland and against the attacks from the Bothnian Bay. Between the five heavy fortes of mountain and the three smaller forts there were a lot of infantry redoubts, tanks obstacle and cannon defence for the protection of the fort and complicate penetration through the fortification ring. The fortress was the command centers for the Swedish Air Force. On the mountaintops have been anti-aircraft artillery batteries. The size, complexity and impact strength of the settlement make it unparalleled in the Nordic region.

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Address & Geo coordinates

Latitude: 65.791238

Longitude: 21.657444


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