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Visby city wall

Swedish: Visby ringmur or Visby stadsmur

Visit to the Tourist Attraction of Sweden - Visby city wall: is a medieval defensive wall surrounding the Swedish town of Visby, and as the best preserved medieval city wall in Scandinavia, the wall forms an important and integral part of Visby UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The wall is eleven meters high. The oldest part of the wall is the defense tower, today called the Kruttornet, which was built at the city's northern port in the 1100s. Only during the 1270s and 1280s, actual city wall were built around Visby. City wall origins can probably be linked to conflicts between the city and the longtime Althing, which led to a civil war on the island in 1288. The last major attack on Visby was in 1525, when the Lübeck troops stormed the city.

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