The South Gate

Swedish: Söderport

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - the part of Visby city wall - The South Gate: is located in the corner of the wall where the southern and eastern sections meet and the main road to the southern part of Gotland passed through this gate.

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Wikipedia: Its name is probably medieval and can be found on the oldest preserved town maps of Visby. The tower has a room with stone benches and a ceiling supported by a groin vault. There are two niches in the room, one of which contains a heavily eroded sculptured double face, the only decorative element of the gate. On the second floor, only the southern wall has survived. Originally, there was a room with a fireplace here. During an archaeological examination a number of objects were found that had belonged to the gate's arsenal. The objects: arrowheads and parts of firearms. The objects date from medieval times to the early 17th century.

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