The Saint George Gate

Swedish: Sankt Göransporten

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - the part of Visby city wall - The Saint George Gate: the gate tower has been subject to attack by a siege engine as is evident by a catapult stone still stuck in one of the arrow-slits on the fourth floor.

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Wikipedia: The road from this gate leads from the town centre towards the now ruined Saint George's almshouse and church. Its construction can be connected with the construction of the aforementioned almshouse and church, which was a large medieval complex for lepers. Outside the gate, a bridge spans the the North Trenches (swedish: Nordergravar), a part of the medieval defence system. In old documents, the gate is called the Second Tall Henry (swedish: Andre Lång Henrik) and this may have been the medieval name for it. On the wall on both sides of the gate, traces of collapsed small towers perching on the wall can be seen.

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