Vasa Museum

Swedish: Vasamuseet

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Vasa Museum: is a maritime museum and displays the only almost fully intact 17th century the 64-cannon warship Vasa that was launched in 1628.

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When warship Vasa was being built, the tactics of sea battles were changing. In the 17th century, ships and cannon were coordinated in the line of battle: opposing fleets fired at each other in two lines. She has a large number of heavy cannon, at the same time that she was manned and equipped for hand-to-hand combat. Warship Vasa made her perhaps the most powerful warship in the world up to that time was her broadside, the combined weight of the shot that could be fired from one side of the ship, more than 300 kg in all. A truly fearsome machine of war!

The main hall of museum contains the warship itself and various exhibits related to the archaeological findings of the ships and early 17th century Sweden. Vasa has been fitted with the lower sections of all three masts, a new bowsprit, winter rigging, and has had certain parts that were missing or heavily damaged replaced.

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Entrance fees

  • Adults: 130 SEK
  • Students: 110 SEK
  • Childrens under 18 years: free entrance

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Group Guided Tours in English

Tours for a group minimally of 10 visitors and maximally of 30 visitors must be Pre-Order.

The guided tour around the ship is about .

600 SEK per one group plus Entrance fees for each visitor.

Address & Geo coordinates

  • Visit to Vasa Museum
  • Galärvarvsvägen 14
  • SE-115 21
  • Stockholm
  • Sweden

The Latitude: 59.3280233.

The Longitude: 18.0913964.



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