Open-air museum Skansen

Swedish: Skansen

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Skansen: is the open-air museum and zoo, founded by Artur Hazelius and shows Swedish folk culture and way of life in the pre-industrial era.

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The founder of Skansen, Artur Hazelius was worried, that Swedish folk culture would be lost, and he made a summer trip in summer 1872, from which he returned with objects of culture, folklore and literature. Furthermore Hazelius was to acquire a larger place area where the entire buildings samples of swedish the pre-industrial era, could be preserved for the future. This was going to be Skansen. On Skansen there are today about 140 buildings from Scandinavia, of which the oldest is the Vastveit Storehouse (swedish: Vastveitloftet) from the 1300s.

More objects:

  • 🞅 Seglora Church - was built in 1729-1730.
  • 🞅 The Cottage Kyrkhult - has been in southern Sweden since the Middle Ages.
  • 🞅 The Pharmacy Kronan - is the reconstruction of a smaller pharmacy from the latter part of the 18th century.
  • 🞅 The Post Station was built in the 1840.
  • 🞅 The Hardware Store was common in the Swedish cities during the 19th century.
  • 🞅 The Food Store was built in the 1930.
  • 🞅 The Bakery from the 18th century.
  • 🞅 The Mechanical Workshop shows how mechanical works worked until the late 1950s.
  • 🞅 Boktryckarbostaden shows a bourgeois home in the 1840s.
  • 🞅 Skogaholm manor was built in the 1690.

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Opening hours:  - 

Daily: -.

Opening hours:  - 

Monday-Friday: -.

Saturday and Sunday: -.

Entrance fees:  - 

  • Adults: 180 SEK.
  • Pensioners: 160 SEK.
  • Childrens 4-15 years: 60 SEK
  • Childrens up to 4 years: free entrance

Entrance fees:  - 

  • Adults: 120 SEK.
  • Pensioners: 100 SEK.
  • Childrens 4-15 years: 60 SEK
  • Childrens up to 4 years: free entrance

Address & Geo coordinates

  • Visit to Open-air museum Skansen
  • Djurgårdsslätten 49-51
  • SE-115 21
  • Stockholm
  • Sweden

The Latitude: 59.327043.

The Longitude: 18.103746.



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