Swedish History Museum

Swedish: Statens historiska museum or Historiska museet

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Swedish History Museum: you can see one of the world's largest Viking exhibits, Sweden's foremost gold and silver treasures, incomparable medieval art and unique finds from one of the most violent battles of Swedish history – the Battle of Visby 1361.

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The museum is an archaeological and cultural history museum, but it is also an important art museum with collections that span thousands of years. The Swedish History Museum has a very old history and is considered one of the oldest in the world. The first objects were collected in the 1570s. Internationally, it is famous for its prehistoric treasures and its rich collections. The museum contains the central state collections of objects from Sweden antiquity and church art from the Middle Ages to modern times. The Gold Room has three unique gold collars from the Migration Period (350-500 AD), silver pendants of Viking, the shrine from the Middle Ages and other amazing objects. The collections of Museum contain 52 kg of gold and more than 200 kg of silver, many of which are exhibited in the Gold Room, where there are 3000 objects.

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Free entrance to all visitors.

Audio Guide

Available in English for subjects: Prehistories ⇒ Vikings ⇒ History of Sweden ⇒ The Gold Room.

The price for smartphones: 15 SEK.

The price for hire: 30 SEK.


  • Visit to Swedish History Museum
  • Narvavägen 13-17
  • SE-114 84
  • Stockholm
  • Sweden

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  • Latitude: 59.334679
  • Longitude: 18.0899315



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