Air Force Museum «Aeroseum»

Swedish: Aeroseum

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Air Force Museum Aeroseum: it is the military historical museum of the Swedish Air Force and located in the former Göta Air Force Wing (F9) in underground bunker of Gothenburg.

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An aviation-oriented experience park is planned in the lovely natural area above the underground hangar. Inside a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker carved out of solid rock, you will be able to take a journey through the History of Flight. You can look, listen and touch restore and fly vintage airplanes and helicopters. You may even take a flight.

Aeroseum is a hands-on aviation activity centre, where you can experience this special environment and the sense of flying with all your senses. Visitors are able, apart from seeing the displayed aircraft and aviation-oriented items, to construct, restore, virtually fly and even actually fly old aircraft and helicopters. The Museum offers experiences that have not previously been available to the general public, including flying in vintage aircraft and helicopters.

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Opening hours:  - 

Daily: -.

Opening hours:  - 

Tuesday-Sunday: -.

Entrance fees

  • Adults: 100 SEK
  • Childrens 4-16 years: 50 SEK
  • Family of 2 adults, 2 childrens: 250 SEK

Group Guided Tours

Available guided tours in English.

Privat: max. 50 visitors, and duration is . Admission fees: 980 SEK to one group, plus Entrance fees per every visitor.

Secret rooms: max. 15 visitors, and duration is . Admission fees: 1500 SEK to one group, plus Entrance fees per every visitor.

Address & Geo coordinates

  • Visit to Aeroseum Air Force Museum
  • Säve Depå, Holmvägen 100
  • SE-417 46
  • Gothenburg
  • Sweden

The Latitude: 57.7714294.

The Longitude: 11.881156.



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