Vreta Abbey

Swedish: Vreta kloster

Visit to the tourist attraction of Sweden - Vreta Abbey: was founded between 1105 and 1100, by the King Inge the Elder and Queen Helena, on the request of the Pope Paschal II, and is the oldest known in Sweden.

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The King Inge the Younger and Queen Ulvhild made large donations to the Abbey. The Abbey was turned into a Cistercian nunnery in 1162, when the King Charles VII of Sweden donated a farms to the abbey. The building of the Abbey, was completed in 1289 and was opened in the presence of Magnus III of Sweden. Through rich gifts from many benefactors, the monastery became one of the most distinguished in Sweden. The Abbey had the plumbing indoors. The Abbey served as a school for daughters of Sweden's nobility families.

The Church of Vreta Abbey is the burial place of the following kings:

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  • Visit to Vreta Abbey
  • Löjtnantsgatan 1
  • SE-590 70
  • Ljungsbro
  • Östergötland County
  • Sweden

Geo coordinates

  • Latitude: 58.4810449
  • Longitude: 15.5147372